graceless lady--update.

dis bitch be trippin

this came over the ap wire today:

"two weeks after telling police that her son had been snatched from his crib, melinda duckett found herself reeling in an interview with tv's famously prosecutorial nancy grace. before it was over, grace was pounding her desk and loudly demanding to know: 'where were you? why aren't you telling us where you were that day?'"

a day after the taping, duckett, 21, shot herself to death, deepening the mystery of what happened to the boy."

nancy, you're not a prosecuter any more. you're a journalist (allegedly), and treating someone like this, who has been neither charged nor accused of any crime whatsoever, amounts to nothing more than a despicable attempt to either boost ratings, or win a pulitzer by getting her to confess live on television. you should be fired immediately.

i rest my case.


nobody knows the trouble i've seen.

my creative/political spirit received a few much needed bolts of electricity a few months ago.

we all meet new people every day. rarely, however--just a few times in our lives--do we get the opportunity to know an individual who inspires, opens our minds, and challenges us to be the very best version of ourselves.

i found a kindred spirit in a short, well-endowed redhead who goes by the all too appropriate name of trouble. as the weeks dripped by, she rapidly became one of my favorite people alive. i’ve learned plenty from her, and i’m sure i’ve taught her a few things as well.

a few days ago, she returned to her busy life in new york after a few months of hibernation in lancaster. she takes with her my respect, admiration, and lifelong friendship. i didn't get to say goodbye because, failing to realize that this weekend would be our last to grace the stage together at the lodge, i was busy prancing around lancaster and harrisburg with my gays like a drag queen on meth.

bad friend faux paus aside, you will surely find me in new york within a few months, hoping for a fix. i’m sure she's sitting in her apartment, reading this, thinking, “you are so full of shit,” but i mean everything i say here. if there were a god in the skies to thank for bringing her into my life, i would drop to my knees and never get up (there’s lots to do down there anyway…) she is my beach buddy, my bush-bashing partner in crime, and i’m sure, on some level, my nemesis. she is, in short, the shiznit, and i will miss her terribly.


the news: graceless lady, etc.

just a few thoughts on the abundance of news the establishment spewed throughout the week:

entertainment: steve irwin, now the most obnoxious man no longer alive, was killed when a stingray plunged its poisonous barb deep into his heart. well, that's a pleasant image. rather than allowing the event (not tragedy) to open a dialogue about the extent of mankind's hubris, the media has largely opted to memorialize him as a brave warrior in the struggle to acquire knowledge of the animal kingdom. this is a man who has largely devoted his life to tormenting animals who are simply minding their own business, fulfilling their purpose as links in the food chain. how would you like it if you stopped for a drink of water, or to bite the head off of a mongoose, and some cheese-dick in khaki shorts and knee-high stockings jumps on your back and wrestles you to the ground, only to release you once filming stops? lesson learned: don't fuck with animals, dick.

local: at 8 a.m. saturday, in a small development near my house, a gas leak caused an explosion in a modest dwelling, rocking its foundation and leaving the house completely destroyed. oddly, all six family members were asleep on the second floor when the explosion occurred, and no one was hurt. i drove by on my way home from work saturday after i heard about it, and it looks as if someone had lifted the house from its foundation and dropped it. one of the residents is a friend of my younger brother and he said they're essentially homeless. how does something like this happen? a gas leak in the 21st century? shouldn't we have moved on to tackling more complex and unexpected dangers by now? should we still worry about our houses exploding while we sleep? silly.

national: bush is tearing across the country, on our dime, condescending to inform us that we just don't understand the threat, therefore we should just place all of our trust in him to carry out the destiny of our civilization. well, that makes me feel better. looks like all of my anti-war protesting and voting for people other than the president was time that would have been better spent waxing my dog's ass. you know, since i had my awareness renaissance sometime after 9/11 and before mission accomplished, i've tried hard to see the "other" side of things. i've argued their points quietly to myself, made conscious mental efforts to keep my liberal bias in check and truly learned to be honest with myself when my side is wrong (which the democrats, the party representing my side with all the passion of a sloth in diabetic shock, often are). it all comes down, however, to two very different worldviews, and the only conclusion i can derive from this messy polarization is that theirs is wrong. it's just wrong.

i must say the response from the american people to this, the 3,784th public relations repackaging of the same failed military occupation (islamic fascism? come on), has inspired me to hope that we may just be snapping out of our 9/11 fear bubble. no one seems to be buying it, and bush's ratings have stayed put. here is what needs to happen: the term "liberal" has been so demonized by the right that many of us have abandoned the term and opted to be referred to as "progressive", so i predict that former liberals and moderates will join together to oppose the radical right currently in power, and form a new progressive. this movement will not be party-specific, and will be led by a charismatic and passionate revolutionary (not politician) with something refreshing: the ability to think and reason analytically, and a worldview based in reality, as opposed to the rose colored fairy tale land bush calls home, where america is always right and he is firmly seated by the right hand of god, sent by said deity to restore his proper place in society: the public square. shyeah.

personal: i've been having trouble concentrating at work, which has led to several sizeable errors on my part which, in turn, have given me the distinction of having broken several records for most credits given in a four week period. so i went to the doctor, she asked me a few questions and confirmed what my friends and family had jokingly insinuated for most of my life: i have add. to my delight, she put me on my favorite recreational prescription drug, aderrall. it's really wonderful. i'm more focused, alert, social, i can get into conversations and stay in them without getting bored, i sleep better, etc. the benefits are endless. i'm a firm believer that our quick-fix culture will eventually kill us, but at least when the end comes, i'll be wide awake for it.

and finally...

nancy grace: nancy grace is the biggest piece of shit "journalist" on television. her show should be cancelled, and on her last broadcast, she should be shot in the face by larry king for leaking her vile, entertainment-before-facts brand of evil into the harmless, yet dull, tie-and-suspenders fest that is larry king live. nuff said.