these are your choices. oh, and tom vilsack, too.

"we need to change our politics."

"i want to start a conversation..."
can you tell who I'll be supporting? ok, so I'm transparent. well, it should be fairly obvious. the woman has all the warmth and charm of a klansman. in all seriousness, my real objection to hillary is that she is from a failed era of politics. she brings nothing new to the table. she even used to live in the white house. therefore, she may as well come across as frosty the snow bitch. her ideas are just as cold.
not that warmth and charm make a great president. bush II and reagan have/had loads of charisma--as does obama. unlike tweedle dee and tweedle dumber, however, obama backs up his ability to connect. what strikes me about his potential candidacy is that he seems more like a regular joe who just decided to run for president because he was sick of pulling long hours at the factory for crappy wages and no benefits. ok, this is an exaggeration. he comes from a middle class background, true, but he is by no means working class. he is, however, someone who came from very little and---i'm about to use a bad word---worked for what he has. quite the opposite of the man currently "leading" us over a cliff like lemmings. obama has real common sense, maverick ideas and theories on american life, and a brilliance I've not noticed in politics for some time. or am i so used to w that i'd swoon if cameron diaz ran for president on a "paint the white house hot pink" platform?
(the audacity of hope- thoughts on reclaiming the american dream, by barack obama. read it. now.)