great night of television.

"you motherFUCKERS!"

she's gone. amanda overmyer is gone. in one fell swoop the idol gods (aka the viewers) have taken away 50% of my hope that the coolest idol contestant ever could be the first cool idol winner ever. i think she's probably relieved. she strikes me as the type of person who tried out for idol as a joke and then had a series of "oh shit, what the fuck do i do now?" moments as she unexpectedly advanced to each consecutive round.

matty got fucked over by james this week on BB9, and NO ONE deserved it more. i was so happy. it was such a tight little ending to the drama that's been plaguing the house lately. for those of you who don't watch, this is what's been happening:

the house was split between an alliance i call "three muscular straight guys and james" (adam, ryan, matty and james), and the rest of the houseguests. james betrayed the alliance by teaming up with sharon, chelsia, and ringleader joshua and plotting to win the power of veto, take sharon or chelsia off the block and slip matty in through a method called "backdooring". they approached head of household ryan with the promise of safety for two weeks. he agreed to the plan, considering that if he didn't he would piss off the majority of the house and become a target. sheila cunningly convinced ryan that backdooring matty would be a bad idea and that he would be next in line to go-- a victim of a group trying to pick off members of the alliance.

chelsia won power of veto and took herself off the nomination block. during the veto meeting, ryan did a 180 and nominated james for betraying the alliance, and he was promptly voted out 5-1 the following evening. here comes the twist. during his exit interview with host, the perfectly vapid and benign julie chen, james was told that the houseguests would soon have a choice: bring back a mystery evicted houseguest that america had chosen during the previous week, or bring back james. so, with a vote of 5-3, james was back, and determined to win head of household.

the last two standing in the hoh competition were james and natalie, matty's little tag-along. she struck a deal with james: keep her and matty safe, and hoh was his. james agreed and nominated ryan and sheila for their roles in his eviction. then, james also won power of veto, took sheila off the block, and nominated matt. the following evening, the vote came to a tie, and james, as head of household, cast the tie-breaking vote and evicted matty.

revenge is sweet.

p.s. james did gay porn. google it. it's hot.


peep show.


eye candy.